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Important Message from the Board of Directors

Dear Patrons, We all know what it's like to have plans change at the last minute. Your child gets sick. The car breaks down. A meeting runs too late. Things happen. We at ACT 1 know that all too well. For our upcoming 2019-2020 season, we are making a change to accommodate for one of life's unforeseen events.

Our Artistic Director, Petra Karr, has been diagnosed with cancer. She is in the midst of chemotherapy and will be for the winter. At this time she does not have the energy to devote to All is Calm. So for now, our 2019-2020 season will just be a 2020 season beginning with 4,000 Miles in February. ACT 1 is so excited to share our 2020 season, and our new space in Urban Grace Church, with all of our wonderful patrons! We wouldn't be here without you. Enjoy your winter, and look for ACT 1's 4,000 Miles in February! Sincerely, ACT 1 Board of Directors

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