Petra Karr

Petra Karr has worked in regional theatre as actor, director and writer in Washington for more than 40 years. She would like to see herself as a cross between Bette Midler and Mother Teresa.

Time with family is her first priority—if that involves scrabble and a Bombay sapphire martini with 3 olives, all the better! "Less drama and more Theatre!"

Chris Karr

Petra met Chris on the set working with Puget Sound musical theater. They married and have been collaborating for 27 years on- and off-stage. He works (voluntarily) as Tech Director for ACT 1 Theatre and as a Journeyman with Auburn Mechanical in the service department with the Local 32 Commercial Plumbers and Pipefitters Union. 12 years ago ACT 1 gained non-profit status and Chris lost any hope for free recreational time. He has a great understanding of the mantra " happy wife, happy life!"

Kimberly Graham

Kimberly Graham has been involved with ACT 1 since its launch. Her very first role with ACT 1 was as a mermaid on the first street parade float. Outside of ACT 1 she has an Associates of Arts degree in Accounting and Retail Management. She was awarded Store Manager of the Year (1996) at Ross Dress for Less. Now retired from a great career in management at Starbucks of over 15 years, she is now ACT 1's Board President. She is passionate about volunteering in her community. Kim also loves to be adventurous in exploring new things.

Stephanie Carlson

Stephanie Carlson has been on the stage, behind the stage, and under the stage practically since birth. Her father was an accomplished actor and she just followed along. Her father put her as a regular on TV in Romper Room as a small child; she's been hooked ever since.  She can't think of anything within the theater she hasn't done. She used to say she's done everything except make shoes, and then Petra had her make some.


Her involvement with ACT 1 came when her middle child signed up for scarecrows and the rest is history. Currently she is the Vice President on the Board and can be found being witchy with the scarecrows in the fall. She has three amazing daughters and a long suffering husband who puts up with all the insanity.

Megan Noborikawa

Megan Noborikawa has been a designer, coordinator, collaborator, and all-around helper since she was dragged to Drama Club by her friend, Kristen (thanks, Kristen). Once upon a time, she also took an acting class. Currently she handles communication for ACT 1.


Outside of the theater, she’s a freelance editor and writer and aspires to be a mix of Rachel Carson and Kim Sam Soon.

Jessie Mulrine

Jessie Mulrine is 23 years old and is the Arts Manager Intern at ACT 1. Jessie has been working with ACT 1 since 2007, acting, volunteering, managing, and now working as a board member. Along with being an intern, Jessie is also a mixed-media artist enjoying embroidery and illustration. One of their favorite ACT 1 shows is Seven Clever Pirates.

Andrew Arends

Andrew Arends has been in the theater for 10 years, and has been involved with ACT 1 from the start of his theatrical experience. He first joined ACT 1 when his sister was looking for a theater and dragged him along to synchronized land swimmers. From there, five years of involvement later, he was asked to join the Board of Directors as the youth representative.

Andrew enjoys all aspects of live theater but believes his abilities are best suited for backstage work. His free time is spent 99% in the theater and 1% playing video games.

When not in the theater, Andrew can be found studying theater at Pierce College and Sumner High School.


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