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Reflections on Faith

I guess this is really about moving forward in faith. Last spring our theater company lost our performance space. In the 11th year since we became a non- profit theater company this season is our 8th relocation.

Theater on the Square in downtown Tacoma offered us a production slot. It was costly, but they worked to truly make it affordable for us. It is a splendid equity facility with amenities we haven't been able to work with in years. As our first show in a new city our goal was to produce a fabulous show that will get people talking about ACT 1 Theatre in Tacoma.

We cast the show. Of-course were short on men and it was difficult to find men not already rehearsing Christmas shows.

Then our male lead/choreographer left the show. In a day I found a magnificent choreographer willing to step in where he had left off. It took 3 weeks to find a new male lead.

One of our female leads had to step out. Then her replacement had to leave. The third stayed!

A different female character got her winter quarter class schedule and they conflicted with rehearsals. Another replacement. My music director had to keep re-teaching and incorporating new voices. My stage manager had to revamp the schedule weekly as we adjusted to new conflicts.

When the show closed last Saturday evening, I was certain that every performer we ended up with was the best actors we could have hoped for in their roles. Each actor worked so hard to catch up and get their lines, vocals and choreography. The ensemble result of each artist was exactly what we needed to bring a delightful musical to our new audiences. And the audiences loved it! The set design and bi-plane construction by my tech director and some wonderful friends (who turned over their shop to get it built) was flight worthy. The 1920's costumes by our beloved artist Avelon Ragoonanan were stunning. My music director Luke worked tirelessly to maximize the vocal success of the ensemble.

Emily Mayberry as stage manager was an inspired choice as she inspired and motivated us all to discipline and create boldly.

I kept moving forward in faith- and there were days it was difficult. But my faith was affirmed in a million ways and I am so thankful.

Now- Charlie Brown!

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