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Theater Shoes

I love shoes. Truly. If I had a lot of money I would have more shoes (and more illustrated children’s books).

When I was starting kindergarten, it was discovered I was walking “pigeon toed.” So, on long walks in Chicago while my mother pushed my brother in a stroller behind me, I was repeatedly instructed to “walk like a duck. ” It worked, but for a year or two I had to wear disgusting buster brown oxfords to help correct the problem.

I remember when I was 8, I got a pair of lime green go-go boots which matched a line green dress. I remember entertaining my grandpa with my dance moves accompanied by tom Jones and Petula Clark.

I got my first (but certainly not last) Doc Martins my senior year of high school. Oxblood in color with a big brass buckle.

I had some very artsy green shoes for auditioning and several pairs of “power shoes” (tall) for teaching days.

Now my favorites are my retro lavender Nikes and light purple lace up vans.

They have become more funk than fashion as my massage therapist has pointed out why my back and knees cry the morning after an event from wearing shoes for fashion and not function. Age…

I am creating what I think will be my new favorite shoes. Something that says Artistic Director devoted to walks with her theater Labrador, Charlie. Stay tuned:)

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