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Heart Full of Pure Joy and Love

Yesterday I was at the Dollar Store in White Center . A dapper, festively dressed man stuck his head in the door and started singing a pitch perfect and beautiful rendition of Oh Holy Night. Then he proceeded to continue with a 20 minute set of holiday songs . I was  delighted!

In the middle of an aisle I came next to 2 women. The first said "what is all that noise?" The second said "some black man singing. Probably on drugs." I didn't take the time to engage my filter, but instead I looked at the second woman and said "his heart is full of pure joy and love - what's in yours?" Then I quickly went to check out.

I feel somewhat bad about my comment to her but I choose to focus on the hug and thanks I gave the man on my way out, to which he responded in vocal splendor with the chorus from "I could have danced all night!"

Maybe it's why I love musical theater . Less hate/more joy.

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