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Grace Under Fire

I had the opportunity to co-teach a creative drama class at the Sumner library with a home school group of about 20 youth. We had one hour to prepare a skit of the three pigs that I had prepared, cast the parts and help them prepare their lines.

There was a need for 7 actors. The rest of the youth had the task of creating costumes and props all from recycled materials and duct tape. The actor's determined they needed sounds so they had the other youth create wind noises (for the Wolf's huffing and puffing) a door squeaking, running sounds when the pigs are fleeing and a great big wolf howl.

The costumes created from newspaper, cardboard tubes and string (to tie on noses) were marvelous. None of the actors complained. The wolf decided to use a British accent and one of the pigs had something of a brogue. After only 50 minutes they performed their story for family and friends.

Every youth had a wonderful, collaborative, celebratory experience. They worked together without snarkiness, bullying or manipulation.

I smiled all day reflecting on the joys of theater. ALL can be involved and ALL can be celebrated. Always. Inherent empathy, compassion and the practice of team work in "grace under fire" time lines!'

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