Miss Holmes

By Christopher M. Walsh
Based on characters by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Produced with special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC., of Woodstock, Illinois

Directed by Tori Dewar

Director's Notes

What started as a new, exciting prospect turned into a passion project. When I was first offered the job to direct Miss Holmes, I had just completed a more traditional Sherlock production so I felt extremely prepared and was thrilled to be able to jump back into this Victorian world. I was so inspired by these strong female characters, women fighting to make a difference and doing the same tasks as their traditionally male counterparts but struggling purely because of a difference in gender. I saw so much of myself in these ladies that I threw myself headfirst into this project. 


Then COVID-19 came and we had to stop rehearsing for everyone’s safety. I didn’t know what to do. I kept meeting with the cast at least once a week online, doing table work and trying to keep the show alive, but they were dark times where there weren’t enough answers as to what the future held for any of us. But I couldn’t let the show go. 


What you see here today is the same strength and camaraderie that embodies the relationship that is Holmes and Watson. This group of individuals has gone through hell and still is around to present to you a production about making a difference, no matter how big. I hope that this performance, this effort, helps make a difference in your home today because it has filled me with a new hope towards the future and humanity.


Tori Dewar - Director, Producer

Xandria Easterday Callahan - Stage Manager, Producer


Chris Karr - Technical Director


Beverly Poole - Sherlock Holmes 

Jaclyn Baker - Dr. Dorothy Watson

Meghan Dolbey - Lizzie Chapman, Peggy, Martha

Wendy Cohen - Dr. Emily Anderson, Mrs. Hudson, Eudora Featherstone

Jimmy Cliff - Mycroft Holmes, Vagrant 

Anthony Lopez - Geoffrey Lestrade, Orderly Smith

Loren Button - Michael Stamford, Reginald, Orderly Fuller

George Blanchard - Thomas Chapman, Orderly Richards

Brian Carlin - Edwin Greener, Superintendent

Christina Dewar - Ms. Arthur Conan Doyle 

Jenny Olson - Swing for Beverly Poole, Jaclyn Baker, Meghan Dolbey, Wendy Cohen, Christina Dewar

Timothy Duval - Swing for Jimmy Cliff, Anthony Lopez, Loren Button, George Blanchard, Brian Carlin

Beverly Poole (Sherlock Holmes) (she/her) is a Seattle-based actor, director, teaching artist and all-around nerd who has done theater with Seattle Public Schools, Stone Soup Theatre, the Murder Mystery Company and many other companies. Favorite previous roles include a few Shakespearean queens, a group of clone pilots in Warp'd Space, and Norma from Icons: The Martin Show. Beverly is fiercely excited to be playing a character as dynamic and capable as Miss Holmes, and feels like she has been training for this part since she cracked open her first Arthur Conan Doyle story. She is delighted to be making her debut performance with ACT 1 Theatre . . . .and Zoom! Thank you to every member of her family who never laughed (too hard) when she said she wanted to go into theater

Jaclyn Baker (Dr. Dorothy Watson) is so excited to be part of this twist on a literary classic! She hopes you enjoy experiencing these characters and relationships as much as she and the cast have enjoyed creating them! Jaclyn supports her theater habit via her day job of being a mechanical engineer in Fife. Favorite credits include Lucy in SongSmythe and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. Many thanks to Tori for the opportunity and to her real-life fiancé, Loren, for letting her reject his proposal every performance. Ephesians 3:20-21—to God be the Glory!

Meghan Dolbey (Lizzie Chapman, Peggy, Martha) (she/her/hers) is a New York City-based actor, artist and activist, recently seen in the film, Asher. Her past Puget Sound productions include Shakespeare’s Other Women (Island Shakespeare Festival), Pilgrims (Forward Flux Productions), It Will Be Now (18th & Union), and Hamlet (Seattle Shakespeare Company). Meghan also produces her own evolving solo show, Unsex Me Here. She would like to thank the generosity of patrons and artists everywhere who believe in the importance of art during these challenging times.

Wendy Cohen (Dr, Emily Anderson, Mrs. Hudson, Eudora Featherstone) is excited to be part this group of actors who are maintaining theater during extraordinary times. She has played a variety of characters including Mme. Pernelle (New Muses Theater), Aunt Queenie (Tacoma Little Theatre), March Hare (Ever After Theater) and a Chicken Crossing the Road (WARP). Thanks to Tori and Xandii for making this happen.

Anthony Lopez (Geoffrey Lestrade, Orderly Smith) is excited to make his debut with ACT 1 in Miss Holmes. He started acting through improv during his high school days and has recently started to return to theater. He works at a Frighthouse Station where he plays the role of Alrich Von Helsbane. Anthony would like to thank his girlfriend, Natalie, who has shown him much support in pursuing acting again. He would also like to thank everyone for coming to support the local arts in these interesting times.

Loren Button (Michael Stamford, Reginald, Orderly Fuller) is excited to help bring to life a new take on this classic duo. He knows you’ll laugh, smile, be chilled to the bone and enjoy this production. When he’s not acting, Loren is an IT Specialist. High school was the last time Loren took to the stage, but he’s dabbled in improvisational-style acting in a couple of his other hobbies. He gives thanks to Tori and Xandii for this opportunity, and perhaps he’ll get his real-life fiancée, Jaclyn, to accept his character’s proposal one of these times. Proverbs 3:13-18—The blessings of the Lord be on all of us!

Jimmy Cliff (Mycroft Holmes, Vagrant) was reportedly born in Hull, UK, grew up in NY, and (after many years shrouded in mystery and the mists of time) found his way to Washington. He began acting in high school on a lark, and fell in love. Currently studying to be a teacher, Jimmy was thrilled when Petra reached out to him to join the cast, saying, “Judging by your resume, we were destined to collaborate eventually.” He would like to dedicate this performance to her and those who knew her best and longest. She is gone but not forgotten. He is particularly proud of the hard work and care the cast and crew have put into this production. Many thanks to ACT 1 for keeping the show rolling, Tori for being a great director creatively and Xandii for being upfront and on top of the production. Enjoy the show!

George Blanchard (Thomas Chapman, Orderly Richards) didn’t expect to be doing a Zoom performance but he is happy there’s still a performance at all! It is technically his first time performing with ACT 1 Theatre, but his first time performing on a stage with ACT 1 Theatre is still to be determined. His favorite previous roles include Greg from I’ll Be Back before Midnight (Pierce College Theatre) and Arnold from Biloxi Blues (Lakewood Playhouse).

Brian Carlin (Edwin Greener, Superintendent) is a Seattle-based actor and filmmaker and is represented by Colleen Bell Agency. Born and raised in the Midwest, Brian has been involved in the creative world since his teen years. His short film, Fix This Up! With Handyman Mike, recently went online after a successful festival run and he is in post-production on his most recent short, The Garlic Bulb Challenge. You can usually find him working in front of, or behind the camera, but right now he is excited to return to the theater for the first time in almost 10 years in his ACT 1 Theatre debut. Brian sends his deepest thanks to his cast and crew mates, and family and friends for their support.

Christina Dewar (Ms. Arthur Conan Doyle) will be reading the stage directions from a very small one-bedroom apartment in New York City. She is originally from the West Coast, and graduated with a Musical Theatre BFA from Cornish College of the Arts. Her most recent New York credits include Marie in Birthday Boy, Louise in Divination, and Witch 3 in Macbeth. Additionally, Christina tours nationally as a tambourine-playing backup singer for Stop the Presses, a ska/reggae band from Brooklyn, NY. https://christinadewar.wixsite.com/musicaltheatre

Jenny Olson (Swing for Beverly Poole, Jaclyn Baker, Meghan Dolbey, Wendy Cohen, Christina Dewar) is, when not on stage, a digital learning coach for a school district in the suburbs of Chicago. In the past, she has been privileged to play Hippolyta in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Essie in You Can't Take it With You, Mrs. Cratchit in A Christmas Carol, and Mrs. White in Clue the Musical. Jenny joined the production late in the process and is grateful for the cast welcoming her with open arms and the directing team for providing the opportunity to explore theater in a digital format.

Timothy Duval (Swing for Jimmy Cliff, Anthony Lopez, Loren Button, George Blanchard, Brian Carlin) has, after a brief intermission, indeed returned to shows requiring accents.

Tori Dewar (Director, Producer) (she/her) is a director and a scenic artist who has never stopped making art as she moves up the West Coast. Originally from Southern Oregon, she graduated from the University of Oregon with a major in theatre arts. She has directed multiple shows, including Just Thought I’d Tell You: An Original Production, The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, and she was an assistant director for Centerstage’s The Hound of the Baskervilles. It is an honor to be able to direct ACT 1’s first live-streaming event, and she is grateful to everyone who has been a part of this adventure.


Xandria Easterday Callahan (Stage/Zoom Manager, Producer) (they/them) is a born-and-bred PNWer who is thrilled to be making their ACT 1 (and their Zoom!) debut with Miss Holmes! While they are just off assistant stage managing XY with Village Theatre, it feels like a lifetime since they were in a real theater. Instead they have been thrilled to create a virtual Zoom theater for you. They are primarily a stage manager, and you hopefully haven't seen them onstage working with companies such as: Seattle Shakespeare Company, Wooden O, Village Theatre, Book-it, WET, Revelry and various others. They are the production manager for Albatross Theatre Lab and sound designer for Albatross and Centerstage Theatre. They would like to thank their beautiful wife, Alina, for her continued love and support.

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